The little things

We went on a trip to Coorg, a few months back. It was a road trip with 4 people going from Chennai to Coorg in a car. We all were happy to go on a trip as it was a break from ‘day to day routine’ after a long gap. I was a bit conscious, as the company I had was totally different from my ideal travel companions. I am the person who would like to visit as many places possible, at a tourist spot. The other three wanted to cover the least possible places and relax at hotel/Zostel for the rest of the time.

If you know, there are very few hill stations in the south. So we had a very specific recommendation about a place Mandalpatti from many people. First two days, we visited a few places, but I was more concerned about the ones we were skipping. Finally, We went to Mandalpatti on the third day. It was a pleasant experience with clouds in front of our eyes and cool breeze touching our skin; while standing on the edge of a mountain. 

As soon as anyone reaches the top he/she could see a small structure. Everyone wanted to be on that last stretch of height even after reaching 4050 ft. Everyone had that urge to climb those stairs and go up by a meagre 10 ft. Like everyone else, we too had to try this!  We tried, there was no such difference. We laughed at ourselves, and others, on how we aren’t satisfied with what we are getting. With this experience, I also reflected on the last two days trip. I thought that I should have been more worried about whether I was in that moment or not, when we went to a spot, than being constantly concerned about missing others. 

The discussion extended on how we always want something different. While we may have good work and money, we might miss the culture. We shift for an organisation with a good culture, and with that change we generally end up missing good work or the salary part. This is just a small example

 It can happen with our relationships with people. When we are around someone we might be busy in the virtual world, only to miss them while they aren’t there. We want to be like our dad in childhood, only to miss it while we grow up. 

Though we will only know the value of something in hindsight, I thought let me start enjoying the little things that I am part of. Maybe next time, I will try to absorb the smell of tea at hand, or enjoy my everyday calls with family more, or enjoy the stay in south Indian city more. Maybe!

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