Life @ VNIT

VNIT, something integral part of me. I graduated 2 years back, but every emotion is still very much alive as it was.


Someone had once asked me hows life @ VNIT?
And this is how I had replied. VNIT gives you everything you can think of.

Let me start with how life starts at VNIT. First of all when you enter VNIT you will be mesmerized with the beauty of the campus. And one important thing you will notice is its a large area with equally big buildings and most importantly it is situated in heart of nature



And if you enter from front gate you will notice a MIG there, yes it’s a real MIG. (But without an engine ­čśŤ )



You will have a look for a while at big buildings like library and auditorium.


The library is such a big one and you will find many books having “few in India” copies there.





Then you will be allotted your hostel. Don’t worry, there are 16 hostels, so you don’t have to be afraid of any seniors. And in few days you will realise they are there for you at any moment and any kind of difficulty. You yourself will start going to their hostels.


The mess is really awesome and good thing is you control what shall be there.

And even if you dont┬álike food in mess, you have option to visit canteen. Food there is really delicious and cheap too ­čśÇ
I used to love Special uttapam the most


And yes, Campus is recognized for the natural beauty that it holds


After starting with your classes, you will know that you got one of he best team of professors in India. You have all kind of big machines needed in lab that are required for your courses.


“So, VNIT is all about study?”, He asked.

No, not at all. Its about way of life. The first thing you will learn is how to express and that is through fresher’s evening.

One thing you will notice that your seniors are more interested in knowing you than you yourself are in expressing.


So you might think that┬áthese kind of fests happen everywhere. Whats different? There are atleast dozens of a cultural night like this that you will see, but those aren’t the only kind of fests you will have. You will have a technical festival, a management festival, a social festival, quiz festival among others.


And then it’s not only about having those technical things, you very well remember each and every tradition of Indian culture from Ganeshotsav and Saraswati Pooja to your Onam and Pongal.


Its not only about Indian fests, you will celebrate all the so-called English fests too like 31st


He asked me, “Everything looks such a pleasant and harmonious”

Yes it might be harmonious in few cases but the rivalry is at peak in departmental gatherings when you have to ask someone for PD, in Institute gathering when you are cheering for your department from morning 8 to 12 in the night or in inter-sectional and inter-hostel competitions when you are cheering for your teams.


He asked me, ” So, how do you manage so many activities? You must be having low pressure in terms of study?”

I said, ” We have 2 sessionals other than end sem. You will have to submit multiple mini projects. And in case of subjects like ED, you will be submitting multiple assignments every week. Most importantly there are marks for you class participation.


“So may things in year. Must be a journey to remember?”

“Yes, Indeed it is. But these are just formal events that I have mentioned, There are so many┬ásmall things which make your hostel life complete late night gossips at Chandrama to Birthday bums.”


“Anything you didnt like but had to do?”

“Yes. The farewell parties. When your beloved seniors are about to leave the campus.”


Did I miss something, while telling him?

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