Life @ Vishwashanti Dnyanpeeth

It was my first time that I was going to leave somewhere outside. For someone who won’t even live outside the home for more than 2 days, I had to live at this place for two years.

These are my observations:
Vishwashanti will impart a discipline in you. Every day of your starts exactly same and end the same way but you will have no other option that to follow it. You have to get up at 4 AM and study till 6PM. Then you will have to attend exercise session from 6.15 to 7.15. You will be attending classes from 8 to 10.30 in the morning and have lunch at 10.30. Same way after class you have your dinner at 5 in the evening. And then from 7.30 PM to 10 PM you are asked to study.


Vishwashanti will make sure that you start respecting each and individual for what he is and irrespective of his financial status. I was living with few students who could afford only one piece of undergarment and that too they had to buy because we used to have open bathrooms. And there were people owning large Jwellary shop. But in Vishwashanti everyone is same.


What VIshwashanti will teach you is learning to understand your needs. They allow you to keep minimal resources and you will happily live with those. You will be living in small room with three other students, so when you try to overstretch yourself you are crossing someone else’s territory ­čśÇ

What Vishwashanti gifts you is healthy life. Living in nature, away from city, breathing fresh air, and having food without too much of masala and exercising daily.

What Vishwashanti will make you understand is the importance of that one call. You are not allowed to keep mobile phones. so waiting for your parents to call you on a common phone.

It will also teach the importance of living in a society. You are living away from the city, so you learn the importance of it when you have to wait for Sunday to get small things done or buy something.


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