The Angrej in us

Finally, the summer of 69 days was over and we were finally back to campus. The first thing to do was going out with my friends to have a good dinner in Lucknow. To add to the happiness Nidhi had come with a PPO to the campus. We decided to one of the costly restaurants of the Lucknow as it was pending out of our helpless empty pockets.
As we entered the restaurant we were first to come out of all the groups. We started going through the menu. It was buffet out of which we could order anything. My mind went through all the names and I could find one fancy name out of it. When everyone ordered different soup, I don’t know why I ordered that particular one, I suddenly said, “Lemon Coriander!”. Rest of the people joined afterward. By the time they joined they started asking what we had ordered. Ankush told others that I had ordered Lemon Coriander, and everybody started laughing, making jokes about it and then about me. Suddenly someone joked, “Dewa will eat Lemon water with Coriander.” That time I realized what I had ordered, all it took me to understand is splitting those words apart. And that’s how terrible it was. But I had made a mistake, so to save my face I had to drink it, but I couldn’t after few sips. When everybody got busy I just slipped it towards the other side of the table.

Thinking about it , I was looking around, I was embarrassed but then thought, “was I only one who is so Angreja?” The person just sitting in front of me was one with chicks like that of all the younger version of Hrithik’s have. That’s why we sometimes call him chota Krish. But then I had started poking him about those from the start of the college. I used to call him Golu, though he was my friend from the start but he got really irritated by this and almost stopped talking to me. The same guy feels good now when his girl calls him Fatty.

Then I looked at the person just sitting next to me. Just 8 days back I was asking her which mobile I shall buy. I found one good Micromax mobile and asked her shall I buy that. And she was furious about it, how can you but such a locally made phone. I am always afraid of her anger so before it getting out I asked her what shall I do. She told me that she will come up with some good options to buy from. What she came up with me was a ‘one plus’ and other one was ‘Redmi’. Though I agree they are also making me good phones, but come on you are so sure about these chinses but not Indian. The same person occupied me to but clothes, she didn’t like an apparel from Indian Terrain and then she said there is a good brand and she took me to Bossini.

Sitting on head sit of the table was a person who was second best master of finance in our group. Whenever we used to talk about the job she used to term CRISIL, SBI and ICICI as not so good to work for. She wanted to work for Bank of America. I know these companies are different, I am not denying it. What I am saying is she could never come up with any good reason to defend her strong perceptions.
The next one in the line was a guy who was in few project groups of mine. We were discussing just before coming to dinner about plumber services and we were taking some assumption. And he was again n again like, “The work won’t be inferior there, it’s not India.”
Lost in thought I was not enjoying the moment. I thought I won’t think about all this and enjoy the moment. I started concentrating on food and talk. Suddenly the talk went to a different topic. The tallest girl of the group suddenly said, “wow! Such a delicious food, I surely want a guy who would at least make food so that we can make something like this” Suddenly the other girl replied to her, “ You surely need to go outside. Choose an Indian if you want but living in US or Europe, they are very helpful to their wife.”

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