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Yes!! God exists.

Hey….” (And a moment of silence followed) He heard that nervous voice and understood the situation.

So he replied, “Ok. Tell me what’s bothering you?”

She replied “No! I don’t want to tell that over phone. I want to go out for some time.”

He travelled 5 kms to reach to her place and another 1 km to reach nearby park. Clock was showing 2 in the morning and he had a quiz next morning. But he couldn’t think of anything else when she was disturbed. At the end she was most precious thing in form a friend he had received from his new college, he would always tell her that.

This was the third time in a week that this kind of thing was happening. She gets disturbed easily when things aren’t her way. So while roaming around they went and sat on stairs of the temple. He just suggested her,” if you get disturbed so easily, why don’t you try something like meditation?”

She replied, “We don’t find time for that. You are very well aware about it.”

So he asked her, “Why don’t you visit temple every day. You may feel calm”.

She said, “I tried. He used to be the first one whenever I faced some problem. But I really doubt his existence now”

He said, “Why?”

She said, “Because he never responds.”


This was a month back.


And just a week back it happened that he messaged her late night. He was feeling really low for few days now and she was aware of it. But unlike calm reply that he used to give her, the first sentence she replied, “is there something you want to tell me?”

He said, “No.  But why you thought so”

She said “You always remember me when you are in need”

He was really shocked and surprised the way she replied, the way she perceived him. But then he calmly said, “No. I just messaged you because I found answer to one of your question”

“Yes god exits. But if you feel irritated by my late night text for the first time, how irritated he might be feeling when you go to him only to share problems? So he stopped replying”

She said, “So?”

He said, “Start remembering him even when you are not in need and maybe then he will start replying”