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Supply > demand

Term one had just completed & everyone was leaving for home. I wasn’t. So all the seniors who were there in the campus were asking me the same question, “Why are you not going to your home?”
I had to tell them that my parents are coming.
Same happened when I met another senior, but she was keenly interested in knowing the details. SO she asked me, “Wouldn’t it be great if you go to your home? You not only meet your parents but other people too”
I said, “Yes! But my mom was worried about me. Once she will have a look at this place, she will be relaxed.”
Another immediate question from her was, “Is this your first time you are living away from your home?”
I said, “No, it’s been 12 years that I am living away from home.”
She was prepared with the next question, “So, your parents must be used to it, na?”
I said, “No, their willingness to visit me has kept on increasing over the period of time. Mother is the only person who defies the laws of supply and demand. The supply is ample irrespective of immediate market availability or even demand, moreover there is no marginal limit to it. The more you take it from her, the more she will be ready to give and that too at less expenditure**.”
This time, she took some time to react. She just thought for a while to herself and said, “Agreed. Maa ka pyar hi saccha pyar hota hai. 🙂 🙂 “
**(Less expenditure because she is the one who is spending each and everything, so basically your spending is negative. More she spends, more is your spending in negative and hence you can say that your expenditure was less. 😀 )

One for all

Today I was facing a mid-life crisis kind of situation.  I was wondering whom to text? Who shall I ask about such an important issue? I didn’t want my family to be worried about it. I had to ask someone wise, but not from my family. So I texted someone I had started trusting in the last few days. Since my CAT results, this person constantly kept motivating me. I wouldn’t even have appeared for the last few important interviews without her. Even now, for every small query she is the first one among my friends to reply.


Talking about her, she is a person who knows a lot about people. This can be seen from her profession as well as personal life.  A person who is always seen with a smiling face and would make sure people around her would have those precious expressions on their face too.  I trust her so much not only because of wisdom that she carries from her experience but also because of the sense of confidentiality and respect for a most stupid thought that I may have.


But the thing is she isn’t a friend. She is actually a teacher. A teacher who had forgotten the boundaries of age and position to help us. Very few people can do that. I still remember the last day when we met, I wanted to have a photo with teachers. I asked them to come on stage, but she didn’t come because she forgot for a while that she was not a student.


I just thought to myself, every time I thought of her I associated her with the qualities she has. How she had changed the way I thought about some things. I never realised when all those thoughts and impressions got washed off, the ones which were imprinted on my mind since my childhood.


It was way back in 2000 (I guess).India vs Pakistan match was going on and most of the Indians could feel an adrenaline rush, so did I. But sadly India lost, inspite of that we heard a sound of few firecrackers. I heard someone saying, “They will do that, they have a reason to celebrate” I couldn’t understand why someone would have fun in India losing a match.

And then just a few months after that, I had to visit a fair which used to be there around our village. The fair was something all of us as kids used to eagerly wait for. On the third day of the fair we were supposed to visit but on the second day, few people tried to create tension which resulted in riots.


Then another thought came to my mind. May be by helping someone someday, I would be able to erase some of the impression that person is having. May be I would be able to reduce at least one firecracker next time. 🙂  . Looking forward to that opportunity.


So keep doing good, don’t lose heart that no one else is doing it. Spread the love <3 It would surely be reciprocated 🙂


Many of my friends who will appear for CAT this year are nervous about the change in exam pattern. They have been asking me various questions, but the most common ones are “What should I do and what must I avoid while preparing for CAT?” I have tried to answer them to the best of my capacity. But even I am not a master of this topic, as I have appeared only once. But I have observed some of my good friends and today, I’ll be using their example.

I think, CAT aspirants can be categorized in 4 ways.

People in the first category are like AT (Indore city topper and now in IIMA). She was one who prepared for it for 18 months, who sacrificed everything for it and never really moved out of the city in this duration. Her intent to do MBA was clear to her from the beginning and she had mastered all the topics. If you belong to this category, then concentrate on improving your general awareness and personality. Arika had done the same and the result reflects her success. Everyone else starts preparing for Personal Interview after result declaration and so, they get only one month for preparation. Obviously, a person with 6 months of preparation will have an edge over someone with only a month long preparation.

Then there are people like Pravesh(Now in IIFT), who had done everything a coaching institute can ask for. He trusted the institute and never left a single assignment incomplete. If you are from this category, just concentrate on attempting more and more of CAT mock tests. But don’t stop there, analyse it thoroughly. Identify your mistakes and the areas that need further improvement. For example, if your accuracy is satisfactory, aim to improve your speed.

In the third category are people like me, who accomplish just barely sufficient amount of preparation. So any pattern change becomes troublesome for us. We never have confidence in our preparation and are always nervous about it. First of all, if you are in this category, do a thorough analysis of what is the weakest link in your preparation and try to prepare for it. Also, try to gauge your expected ranking at the national level. Give a few mock tests and try to analyse where you stand with respect to the rest. And most importantly, remember that what you have done is enough. You can’t change it on last day. You need not know it all, but be thorough and confident in your scope of preparation. You can only grab a certain amount of sand in your fist; any excess will simply slip through your fingers.

The fourth in the classification are people who could not prepare in spite of their strong will to do so. Then I would suggest you to give CAT just for its experience. Don’t expect anything out of it (though you might turn up lucky). Do not get demoralized if your results aren’t satisfactory. Begin your efforts for the next year right now, do not wait for results and you may have a lead over others. This will improve your chances of making it to first category next year. But if you think you won’t be able to handle failure in the exam this year, don’t even attempt it.



By this time, most of you must be thinking that I haven’t talked about actual preparation. Believe me, there is no right or wrong method. Everyone has their own way. A lion and a deer both aim to live, but they eat different kind of food.

But there are indeed a few things which you can remember:

1) Be focused. Because “ Kisi chiz ko sacche dil se chaho to sari kayanat use tum se milane me lag jati hai.”

2) Your preparation must be balanced across all sections (Verbal/Quants/etc), because if you score 100% in one, yet don’t cross the cut off limit in the other, you won’t be called for an interview.

3) Maintain a balance between your studies and health. If you overdo it for one week and lose the next one, then it’s not beneficial at all. You cannot risk being unhealthy during the examination.

4) Be consistent. If CAT wanted to check your ultimate maths skills they would have asked you calculus and if they wanted to check your language expertise they would have asked you to write a poem. But they want to differentiate students who are willing to put efforts. And hence, they ask those kinds of questions, in which you can improve a lot when you do it consistently. Studying for 10 hours on Sunday is less beneficial than studying for 7 hours by devoting 1 hour every day. The preparation for CAT should become a part of your daily routine.

5) The most important thing is to have faith in yourself and in the coaching institute you are attending. In the end, they are professionals. Your result is important for their own future and hence they will do everything they can in their capacity to improve it.


PS: Best of luck for the exam!