Ravana : the conflict of desires and morals

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I used to go to all the Kathas, organised in my hometown. Being from a middle-class family, we had only one TV in our home. So I  always had to watch those series which were related to Rama and Krishna, as my grandmother watched those. I was the kind of kid who was inclined towards spirituality from start.


I always liked the character of Rama and appreciated, not just because he was a god but also because of the characteristics they used to show. I liked how much obedient Rama was or how much he loved his wife or the bonding he had with his brother or for even his Vanar Sena . I truly believed, these characteristics are something to have as a virtue. As a kid I hated Ravana for the actions he chose to perform or sometimes just because of evil face he had in the serials.


With time we started talking about it, discussing spirituality in given way as well as their present relevance. One day my group of friends in VNIT were going to Chandrama (Night Canteen of college) and a friend of mine suddenly asked, ” what would you like to be a Rama or a Ravana?”


My immediate question was, “how can you even ask about it?”


He explained himself, “I was reading some article about it and asked it because it is said that Ravana was the most sagacious person in the world, he had that empire which others would be an envy of, in that period his empire was known as ‘the golden lanka ‘, he had that technology in that time which we think of now. He was the bramhin which during that time are known for their acumen, he was most powerful king by army that he had defeated the famous karma god ‘Shani dev’ and held him prisoner. ”


I replied, “But at the end, what matters is your character. What is the use of all that, when he didn’t have a good character” The discussion was long and interesting enough to fill more than 20 blogs but the relevance of those doesnot stick to the main idea of this one.


Why I thought about it now  because today is the first day I am understanding and appreciating some parts of what ravana did. I am not saying what he did was right, but at least, I could think of  there may have been reasons which lead to misleading most wise men on earth to choose the path of evil. There can be something which you truly want, but you can’t have.


Initially, he wanted to take revenge for his sister and took the first step, he had never planned to fall for Sita but in the end, he did. Despite of his desires towards Sita, he never forced himself on her. He kept Sita in security of his best female guards and away from all the ‘aasuras’ including himself. He always wanted Sita to accept him willingly, but he knew he would never have her. This made him go  to the extent for wrong tactics or fighting a war. (Even though Rama had started it)


May be there comes a time in your life, when you just want something at any cost. Ravana wanted Sita, Duryodhana wanted Kingdom, etc. History has been a  witness to the fact that every person at some point in his life face this conflict to choose between the Rama (good) and Ravana (evil) existing within. And also the fact that this conflict gives rise to either great heros of the time or to the biggest villians of all times.


I can corelate to it because I am standing in a situation, where I know truly want something or rahter I should say I need it, but i know I cannot have it without embracing the ravana that exists within me. The thing is that the ‘Sanskaras’ given to me by my family and my morals stops me in doing.


Even if I don’t took the step on the path of wrong-doing I will always know in my heart that the thought of taking the wrong path came to my mind to achieve my desires. What makes me sad is that how vulnarable human can be to let desires to takeover on rationality. I am not at all saying Ravana was right. What am saying is if Ravana, the most maverick man can go wrong, then may be sometimes I can too.


All I can control is to hope that the Rama in me wins the battle from the ravana within me. So that there should not the situation comes that the Rama from the outside world have to take steps to defeat the Ravana in me.

11 thoughts on “Ravana : the conflict of desires and morals”

  1. Dear Devansh,
    Written very keen and properly . as you said , it is always the others who tells us about peoples characters and we all(89%) accept it blindly . we all have that thing to check out others negativity and not taking interest in the positibeness they have! Although you always choose a different topic and gets over such conflicts . I really enjoyed the blog and even I want to be like ravana at protective level when it comes to his family ,empire and power and I don’t want to be rama when it comes to the trust he lost toward seeta for purity but I know both of them had a good quality called PATIENCE . they both waited for something which they already had but they wanted it morally and not forcefully.

    1. खुप सुंदर Blog आहे.
      मी एक सांगू ईच्छितो, की रामाने सीतेचा त्याग केला, तो काही तिच्या चारित्र्यावर संशय घेऊन नाही, तर पतीधर्मा पेक्षा राजधर्म मोठा असतो म्हणून.
      त्या काळी राजाचेच काय पण त्याच्या संपूर्ण कुटुंबाचे ही चारित्र्य तेजस्वी असने आवश्यक होते.
      कुणावरही दाग असणे मान्य नव्हते.
      मग प्रजेने सीतेवर संशय घेतला फक्त म्हणून प्रजेसाठी एका राजाने आपल्या राणीचा त्याग केला. रामाने (पतीने) सीतेचा (पत्नीचा) नाही.

  2. Never had thought ramayana frm ravana’s point f view earlier and some wrong decisions which r taken unexpectedly and at the very final time can make u in trouble like ravana like from god to evil though he was nt acting intentionally and it happens in our life too. Very well written dz and specially the ending part which make us to think wheather we r going to correct the wrongs ourself or let come kaliyugi rama to correct it .

  3. Desires are the main reason behind being sorrow..if one can get rid of his desires then he can live a happy and prosperous life always..
    Good desires can lead him to a right path and makes a great person , but some desires can turn him in evil.
    It is only desire to achieve something gives direction to human life…otherwise life will be very boring..
    Desires creates challenges in human’s life and man gets happiness in chasing them and when it gets fulfilled…

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