The last promise

(Many of my old friends have met a person named ‘Keshav’, who would constantly imagine stuff. But many of you haven’t. So these are the stories which may introduce you to him.)

I opened my eyes with a cute sound falling on my ear. The same sound, which I slept hearing for. A sound that was mesmerising enough, that any man would love to wake up with. She was asking something about the tea vendor who was passing by. It was the last trip that we were having before she would change her title. We had planned this for her, one of the dearest members of our group. I had a shawl on my face but still I could see a faint image of her. I kept staring at that image for a while. She was standing at the gate of the coach, as if she was looking at the life ahead of her. The light of side lamps which would pass was falling on her now and then. She was lost somewhere and was trying to get out of it. Then all of sudden I wanted to check my messages and by now she noticed that I was awake. Even I was tired of looking at faint images of her, so I removed the shawl from my face. She came and sat on her seat which was a side birth.

A dim moonlight, coming from windows was falling on her face. She was awake all night, but there was no sign of tiredness on her face. Even in that condition many girls wouldn’t even able to compare to her while they are at their best. She too kept staring at me asking few questions with her eyes. But I was so lost in some thoughts for some time, that I didn’t say anything. Finally, she had to move her lips and asked me why I was awake. I was just looking into her eyes without any answers. Those eyes were something to die for. And the Kajal that she applies makes them even more adorable. She was asking me what I was looking at. I said nothing. I wanted to tell her I am looking at a face, on which even slightest sign of worry made me feel like a world war in college. This thought reminded me that I may not even know expressions on that face for months now. Don’t know why, but I felt jealous of that person, who would be looking at this face every day. I felt how lucky he was. I had heard from my friend that if you dissipate some energy in the universe it remains there and sometimes it reaches the destination it is supposed to. So, I sent my message to that person via my head, please don’t make this face sad even for a second. Please take care of her. You are such a lucky person. I know she isn’t mature, she is more like a kid, but maybe that’s the best part of her. Take care of her.

And she broke my silence by saying, “whaaaat!!? Sleep for few hours.” I said, “No”. she asked me, “why?” I couldn’t say anything. I wanted to tell her that I want those eyes to always glitter with happiness. I can’t assure her that because I have failed to take care of that in the past. So maybe I would like to promise her that I won’t let a drop of a tear roll down her eyes. I would surely remain her best friend who she used to contact at 3 AM in the morning and expect to cross 7 seas to give her a shoulder. I promised her that, SILENTLY.

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