Claiming freebies

It happened in our achiever’s party just next day to CAT result that everyone was sad about their result. There were only two people who were happy about it and I was one of those two. So I tried to change the atmosphere by sharing few jokes during preparation. Few of them were still saying that they will never apply for CAT again, because this is what maximum they could have prepared. So I told them, “I was really weak in vocab and did even pray to God that more of Para jumbles should be there. It was luck that not even one question on vocab was asked. So don’t lose your heart, it was just another unlucky day for you.”

Then after that I got a good result in XAT and SNAP too. So most of them were praising about how lucky I was. None of them uttered that I did good in those exams. And during discussions on various topics during GDPI preparations, they trusted other person’s stories but will hardly listen to mine. They will question it with random hypothesis that they would have in mind.

I never really gave thought about all this. But few days later it happened that I had to travel to Mumbai for one of my interview. One uncle was sitting next to me. After a while he went to get a water bottle and asked me to look after his luggage. So as soon as he returned I thought of getting one for me too. Bus was quite late so we had a talk for some time. And when that bus arrived they were checking tickets and then were giving water bottles as complementary. I was sure that I wont need two water bottles so I didn’t take one. Immediately uncle asked me have you booked ticket from Agency or have taken it from the driver at cheap rate.

This incident made me understand what was happening around me. Once you reject a freebie then people don’t believe that you got the main thing yourself. In era of marketing you have to claim more, not less.

Desire for unconventional managers, with conventional process

(First of all I respect our education system and have faith in it. This is the education system which developed me and let me become whatever I am today. We can always debate is it less or more that what should have been? But I am pretty happy with who I am.)


There was always one major point most of the leading B Schools were talking about and that is they want unconventional managers. And that is what they are supposed to do I guess. That’s the difference between a Top B school and an average one. This desire was very much visible with current changes in CAT so that non-engineers may compete with engineers in Quantitative aptitude and non-convent students may compete with convent students in Verbal ability. Also there are other criteria which give similar indications such as importance given to being a non engineer or being a girl or diversity in general.

Everything is good and fair if it is actually improving the quality of managers that we are going to get. But let’s just understand other side of story. What is not yet done? How many of us really knew what they wanted to do from childhood. At least not I or even most of people around me didn’t know that. It used to change with circumstances. When my teacher used to scold me for something, I always dreamt of becoming headmaster someday to have control over him. When entire village was going crazy over new doctor that came to our village I thought I also want same praise and I thought of becoming a doctor. When I heard about how much a peon in government office, I had not even imagined myself in his shoes. When my father took me to a politician’s rally who came to our district in helicopter, I was close to contest next election against him before realising I was not eligible to do so .When I heard from many of my relatives in various family functions about a cousin, that how much he earns and everybody trying to fix his marriage with a girl from his or her side, I wanted to be a CA.

What I want to state is that an average Indian is not very sure of what he wants to do. In schooling mostly he is forced to study because ‘4 log kya kehenge’ dialogue from family or at most he himself wants to beat someone in terms of rank. And without a goal being set, the process can’t be good. So isn’t it unfair to a person who was just himself in school days and wished to do something afterwards from bottom of his heart but isn’t allowed. And why is that? Just Because he doesn’t have very attractive score card in 10th!!

Let’s just understand from other point of view, for a person who was from not so good educational background, aren’t you ignoring a complete set of people. Also a person who was from a state board, let’s take Maharashtra board of old time and if you want to consider someone worst, let’s take an example of Bihar board. Everyone knows that in Bihar board when you score 70%, it’s like you are in heaven. How can you compare him to an average student of ICSE who scored 80-90%.


Also a very good point expected from a manager is that he must always rise after a fall. When you are not allowing a set of people on the basis of what he was, then you are ignoring people who can eventually turn out to be very good managers. There are various other ways if you want to check someone’s sincerity. There are many institutes which conducts many other tests than QA and VA if they feel this need. And If a person is really willing to achieve something, will take efforts to achieve it.

Moral of the story:

Come on IIM, just chill bro! Even my mom has stopped nagging me about my 10th marks! 😀


VP – Netmeds, IIM Lucknow, VNIT Nagpur

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