Middle class disorder

I was talking to a very old and dearest friend of mine from good old days,Jitesh from nearly half an hour on various topics shifting from life in Indore to his Interview experience and finally to our personal lives. He coyly confessed in a mischievous tone that he finally had his so-called “moment”. Now by moment, I knew he just meant a kiss and that too with a person he had been in a relationship for two years now.

But then a thought strike in my mind and I asked him, “Yar, shall I ask you something?”
He said,” Yes, please do.”
” I am so surprised that even sex is so easy going for people here.”
He said, “So?”
I said, “But how can it? I just don’t understand it, they will just have it with someone and next day they will be as normal as if nothing had happened and may even have it with someone else too.”

I told him,”It was just yesterday that I was talking to one of my batch mate here, and you know what he said? He was saying his aim here is to get laid with as many girls possible. He said, what use of being too serious is and follow monogamy. And also, that giving importance to stuff like sex with one partner is very narrow-minded thinking and does not make a person of this generation a stud or something ”

He stopped me then n there “wohwohwoh…!!Take a break for a second man….!”

But I wasn’t ready to stop.

I continued, “But won’t they have that feeling of attachment? How is it possible to have no strings attached, after having done everything? How people made it so easy to have a one night stand or a very short course of relationship to which they call it ‘Love’.”

He said, “Because it’s not them , it’s you , me and us. The people stuck in the middle part of society.”

The discussion on this topic went on for next 15-20 minutes, which was never-ending but even after disconnecting the phone call, I was thinking about it.

Maybe yes, there is something called as “MIDDLE-CLASS DISORDER”. So many things which take shape as a mentality of the person, once they are in the middle class and then again dilute once they are above this class. Poors either can’t afford or don’t need to follow some norms. For them meeting every day’s needs is the first priority and how they are acting or how others are perceiving them hardly matters. But when they are in middle class society, they get bothered about what ‘those four people’ will talk about them, and it matters most than their own thought. They have to maintain that one image in the society. For them, a small dent on their image is like that crack on the mirror which cannot be repaired, because there isn’t any ‘forget me’ law applicable to their peers. And once they become rich, becoming cool, maintaining that status quo becomes a necessity rather than their will. If they are not ‘Yo-man’ types, their peers don’t let them become a part of ‘KOOL CLUB’.

Many things indicate this. Starting from simple social things like wearing enough clothes to cover your skin, because poor can’t afford to do it and once they earn enough they spend a very large amount on ‘systematically showing it off’. But the middle class needs to be well maintained so that they look sophisticated types. Men will wear simple design when they can’t just afford clothes and gets drugged with designer wears, they would start wearing colourful clothes once they earn some fortune and again wearing simple becomes classy once you turn rich. When you are poor you can’t afford to go out and eat in hotels, once you start earning some money that becomes the only way of celebration. Many teenagers of college going students spend the large sum of money on going out with friends just because once their friends treated them out so if they don’t that will not give out a good example. And once you turn too rich, it becomes a custom to celebrate random things so that you can maintain your status.
When you are poor you can’t afford to have four walls to have the total privacy of your most private moments, this particular topic becomes taboo when you are a middle-class person and beyond middle-class society, it becomes a topic of your “studness”.
Same goes with behavioural aspects too. If you are poor you can’t show off the power of money. Once you are in middle class, you want to talk about it in peers to gain some respect, sometimes by means like clothes that you wear, the vehicle you drive, but once you are rich, you start giving quotes like, “money doesn’t matter”.

Same goes with political aspirations. When you are in the lower strata, you love politics, may be because that’s what can get you out of your deeply screwed life. Once you enter this middle-class genre, politics becomes most hated or “not for us” thing. And once you earn too much, you again become an integral part of that same ‘politics’.
These are the big issues but we can also take an example of a very small issue like the way of talking. Talking to each other in abusive language is must, else you won’t be able to win fights. But then this becomes a problem in middle class. Once you reach that rich level, unless you call someone “mother fucker’ or use F-word various times, you are not cool.

Poor start drinking out of pressure that they have. But then jab Sharma ji’s son is found drunk by two of his neighbor. Sharmaji can’t appear in social meeting for next few days. Whereas in a higher class, if you are not holding a glass of wine with proper gesture in a social gathering, people will start looking at you with a doubt.
What we can observe with above examples that, there are many habits that exist in lower n upper class. Their forms may differ or there might be a difference in the way they are carried out. But those are things that not only disappear from middle class’s behavior but they even become taboo sometimes.

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