Maheshwar (MP)

I was living in Indore at that time with my friend and the 31st was coming. We had nothing perfect in our mind but wanted to spend the 31st in a way to remember. The other places of holy importance may remain crowded we guessed from the sentiments of people in our factories. So we decided to go to Maheshwar.


We, four friends,  started out the journey in a private car and left for Maheshwar at around 8. There were not many things on the way, so we took our time to stop at some random places around a farm once and then at a bridge that was being constructed. This delayed us a bit in reaching Maheshwar.

When we finally reached Maheshwar, it looked like an ordinary town set up. We parked our car at one of the places randomly as there was no one to ask about it and started moving towards the fort by taking directions from the people. Just when we were about to reach the place, there were few Soda-Shikanji thela there. As the heat was pressurizing us to go ahead, we took those. It was a good chilling experience.

Then we finally reached to what we call as Maheshwar Fort. The fort is now converted into a museum and some part of it is now converted into a private hotel. We went to the fort and it was just like an ordinary house. Then as we went inside first of all we were trying to hurry, but then realized that there were few things to do here, so we started taking the tour slowly and reading every board that was there. That time we realized why a queen Ahilyabai was such a famous personality. We had heard her name even in Maharashtra but always thought maybe because she was queen fo Maratha empire. But it wasn’t the only reason. The queen had earned the name through her work, even while being the queen of such an empire she didn’t build any big fort for her, but invested in building Dharamshala for people. She always thought the money belongs to people and shall be used for them.

After visiting the fort, we visited one of the points in the of fort from where you can have a good view of Narmada river. The wind that blows there gives an amazing feeling. After soaking through that feeling we finally headed to the entrance which opens upto the river. The work there is marvelous. Even if you are not much of artistic person, you will surely stop there for a while and look at the work on the stone walls. While on the way there is a temple and Chattri, both of them also proudly show off their work to the tourists. There you will encounter people selling various stone studded jewelry, you may buy one only if you are good at bargaining. One thing that i had observed was that even those sellers look out only for rich customers.

The art

fort – big house – museum

The river

Ponga, bhel

The maheshwari sareers


options of staying limited




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