This kind of travel experience was totally different than I had before and hence posted about it

And after a hectic schedule of 4 days with hardly any sleep, we had two days of holiday. Everyone was partying, so were we. But I had a different idea on my mind. A road trip. I asked everyone in my friend circle, but everyone was busy with their own section parties. After a lot of persuasions they agreed. The place was decided by me and everyone blindly followed. The place was Barabanki. I wanted to visit this place from nearly 2 months when my parents had visited Lucknow, but we couldn’t go there because of the hot weather at that time.
If you search places around Lucknow, every website will show pictures of Barabanki with nice green hills spread across. Considering surroundings of Lucknow, I was more than happy to know about such a place. Every website had rated it as a good place for a weekend outing. And it was hardly 37 km from Lucknow.
We thought of not sleeping that night as the journey was a short one, and wouldn’t be much hectic. Everyone was looking forward to the first trip after coming to IIML. None of us had bikes, so we borrowed those from other people. Finally, we were ready to go. Some of us had slept for a couple of hours but most of us couldn’t sleep either because of excitement or fear that we won’t be able to wake up in time.
A journey can’t start without last minute troubles and delays. First of all, we couldn’t locate one of the bikes. And getting another bike at 5 AM was a tough task. But thanks for my habits of being supply chain manager, I had a safety stock. 😛 Then there was this friend who all of sudden didn’t feel like coming, and everyone had to rush to her room and convince her. And most weird of all, we were waiting below a hostel and another friend took 45 minutes to get ready. When she came down, we realised that she made had sure that she was ready for a photo shoot. 😀 😀
Everyone was so busy in partying that no one had their phone charged. Only one of us had phone charged with the battery up to 30%. We had to rely on his 2G network to find the way. For a reasonable time, we were crossing Lucknow and the journey seemed like much longer than we had assumed it to be. While trying to be Virus of the group, I turned accelerator to the extent possible, just to realise after a while no one was even in visible range. we had to stop at roadside Tapri to wait for others. Taking sips of hot and “sugary” tea on a morning is a different experience.
All of sudden, I saw a board stating that Barabanki station. So, I asked that Chaiwala, how far is it from here? He said, “4 Kms”. So I thought of engaging in a conversation with him while others join. I asked him about any places to see in Barabanki and he said that there were none. I told this to my friend who was accompanying me on the bike. He asked me not to worry. These people are local so they might not see those places as tourist places as it’s common for them.
I got a call from another friend, who told me that he has reached Barabanki and asked us to come to a place where there are (baraquetes). Finding that place was our next mission and getting to know about rest of the people was a different task. Having all the phones discharged gave us a feeling of being tribal people. It took more than half an hour to locate them. While on the way to find them I could see a well-established city and there was no sign of hills around. All of us met at a post office. Then everyone was taunting me about how beautiful that place is. I calmly went to a shopkeeper nearby and enquired about ‘those hills’. He told me that this is Barabanki district and place you are talking about is part of the district. I looked at others from the distance and found a sign of zero energy to travel to another 60 km and moreover I was afraid what if we don’t find anything there too. I went there and told them this.
The unexpected result was no one was yelling at me. Someone was giving me support saying that anyways we had such a nice bike ride early morning. And there was this friend who was talking about places in that city. First one was a “”. It was hardly 1 km away, so we thought of visiting that first. After reaching there, we didn’t even realise that this was the place we were supposed to see, that was kind of site it was. So we stopped there for a while. There was nothing to see there so we decided to indulge in the roadside Kachori that had no masala in it. But as they say, life’s unexpected pleasure comes from things that you least expect from. It was such a nice dish that we started fighting for it. We had asked for a plate in two people and now we started asking him for another one plate for n number of times till he had to ask us to wait while his next batch is ready.
Then Ankush again told us about another place. It was World War 2 memorial. We marched towards it. Everyone who crossed us was looking at us, where 5 people were driving in a city early morning. They too might have wondered what exactly we were looking at. The World War 2 memorial wasn’t any better than a randomly chosen roadside park in a city. But we started taking pics of it, as it was the only thing in our journey. We even started taking pics with not so properly made elephants there.
Then we started our journey back to the Lucknow. Three of us were driving parallel to each other so that 6 of us could sing songs together. We were enjoying singing songs at the cost of tasting the dust on the road, but who cared. We enjoyed our return that way.
Everyone had a sense of satisfaction when we returned. Everyone will surely remember it whenever we plan a bike trip. This trip truly made it clear that journeys are more important than destinations.

VP – Netmeds, IIM Lucknow, VNIT Nagpur

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