Love at first sight

it was peak hours for the local trains of Mumbai. I was also in a hurry as after office I had to go from Koparkhairane (Navi Mumbai) to Churchgate (Mumbai) crossing so many stations and changing three locals. I was in a hurry to meet my friends and that was only driving force too considering the crowd in the locals. The crowd has its own momentum. They say the strength of crowd is less than individual sums but in local its exactly opposite strength of crowd is much higher than the sum of individuals. I say this because half of the people don’t even have to walk they just have to stand in the crowd and like an escalator the crowd takes you up and down. The crowd will make sure you get into train, out of train (and if you are unlucky then they will also make sure you don’t get down at the station you want to). If someone tells you the physical distance between you and the other person shows how close you two are, take them to a local, you are standing at a distance you won’t sometimes to even the closest person for that long.

One thing it teaches you in all this crowd, even if you are with so many people you are alone. You are there or not doesn’t matter to the rest of the crowd. That was the situation as usual. Everybody was in a hurry to reach somewhere. Running like P. T. Usha. Nobody has time to see what others are doing. I got down at Dadar to change the train. Dadar being one of the most crowded stations of all, it was difficult to even see someone around. All you could do was keep walking with the rest. But somehow my eyes felt on a couple at some distance. The girl was suddenly crossed by a traveller and his bag hit her with some force. The guy immediately noticed this and came in front of her. His hands were behind in awkward situation. It was even more difficult to spread his hands like that in that crowd where it was difficult to walk normally. The girl had a sense of security on her face and she took a long breath feeling relaxed. She was as if a mother bird takes her child in her wings.

They started walking like that in that crowd. Guy had to take all the hits on his own but he didn’t care. There was some sign of pain on his face when a man carrying heavy luggage hit his hands, which were already in awkward position. The girl also felt that and asked him to walk normally but he didn’t listen. Unable to convince the guy, girl’s eyes were constantly trying to look at the crowd coming from both direction, anticipating will anything hit the guy. All this was happening in fast pace Dadar station but for them the things were running in slow motion. They were acting like heroes of Matrix film for each other. The girl even made the guy bit left and right twice.

I was fascinated by their lovely emotions. I had to catch next train and by luck, they also boarded the same train. Unknowingly I came at the exit of the station, the station I was not supposed to get down, while observing them. . I had to go to Churchgate but they got down at Marine drive station.  I realized it when I was already there. I looked at the watch and don’t know what I thought to myself. I don’t know why but I decided to follow them for some while.

The next thing was both were standing at the road to cross it. There was a line of vehicles, not ready to end as if they were in GIF mode on the desktop. Finally, there was a stop for seconds the guy went forward but the girl kept looking at vehicles. She was a bit afraid to step forward. The guy came back and took the girls hand and started walking. The girl who was afraid of vehicles suddenly got that courage. She was not looking at those vehicles now and followed the guy as if she was in a park, with utmost relaxed attitude. Both of them crossed the road and sat on the side of the famous wall of Marine drive. The emotions of the other people on that wall were different, people were aggressive, busy doing PDA. But these two sat with each other, in each other’s arm looking at the sea and were talking something. I couldn’t stop more than this there as I knew anyways I will be scolded for being late by my friends, so I came back to board the next train.

In this fast paced life, full of passionate emotions, there are few people who have those gentle and caring feelings. It’s good to see those exist.

It was surely love, I felt at first sight and hence I think yes love at first sight exist. I mean if there is the love you will know at first sight.

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  1. I am mumbaikar by residence address. I love to travel by locals and love to be part of this fast life… It surely love at first sight.

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