Country of spices

Recently I made a video. It was part of a competition and if we win that we would be getting 1 lac rupees. So with our good intentions, we made a video on the life of a hero we daily live with. The idea was to help him financially with the prize money. And we were trying to get the attention of many people so that our video is recognized by people and at the end judges. I was asking my friends and batchmates to help me in making the video popular. But the voice felt deaf on ears except few.

Just one week before, we had some intra-college event. And like most of the competitions there were competitions in it which had popularity on social media as calculator of quality. Everyone was trying to get a maximum number of likes. Thy succeeded in their efforts. A batch of 60 was getting more than 1000 likes.

Now coming to people like Rakhi Sawant and KRK who are celebrities just because they are able to talk things which add masala to newspaper and TV serials. It goes viral with more speed than that of sound.

What I forgot was we are from the country of spices, we do like things which have “masala” in it. Next time, when I try something like this I shall remember to convert my efforts in success.

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