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Country of spices

Recently I made a video. It was part of a competition and if we win that we would be getting 1 lac rupees. So with our good intentions, we made a video on the life of a hero we daily live with. The idea was to help him financially with the prize money. And we were trying to get the attention of many people so that our video is recognized by people and at the end judges. I was asking my friends and batchmates to help me in making the video popular. But the voice felt deaf on ears except few.

Just one week before, we had some intra-college event. And like most of the competitions there were competitions in it which had popularity on social media as calculator of quality. Everyone was trying to get a maximum number of likes. Thy succeeded in their efforts. A batch of 60 was getting more than 1000 likes.

Now coming to people like Rakhi Sawant and KRK who are celebrities just because they are able to talk things which add masala to newspaper and TV serials. It goes viral with more speed than that of sound.

What I forgot was we are from the country of spices, we do like things which have “masala” in it. Next time, when I try something like this I shall remember to convert my efforts in success.

Claiming freebies

It happened in our achiever’s party just next day to CAT result that everyone was sad about their result. There were only two people who were happy about it and I was one of those two. So I tried to change the atmosphere by sharing few jokes during preparation. Few of them were still saying that they will never apply for CAT again, because this is what maximum they could have prepared. So I told them, “I was really weak in vocab and did even pray to God that more of Para jumbles should be there. It was luck that not even one question on vocab was asked. So don’t lose your heart, it was just another unlucky day for you.”

Then after that I got a good result in XAT and SNAP too. So most of them were praising about how lucky I was. None of them uttered that I did good in those exams. And during discussions on various topics during GDPI preparations, they trusted other person’s stories but will hardly listen to mine. They will question it with random hypothesis that they would have in mind.

I never really gave thought about all this. But few days later it happened that I had to travel to Mumbai for one of my interview. One uncle was sitting next to me. After a while he went to get a water bottle and asked me to look after his luggage. So as soon as he returned I thought of getting one for me too. Bus was quite late so we had a talk for some time. And when that bus arrived they were checking tickets and then were giving water bottles as complementary. I was sure that I wont need two water bottles so I didn’t take one. Immediately uncle asked me have you booked ticket from Agency or have taken it from the driver at cheap rate.

This incident made me understand what was happening around me. Once you reject a freebie then people don’t believe that you got the main thing yourself. In era of marketing you have to claim more, not less.